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Ye Olde Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations Book Shoppe

  • Lewes Bonfire Night

    A Short history of the Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations written by a respected Lewes Bonfire Boye and Historian. With Lots of old interesting photos and...

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  • Streets Of Fire

    Written by a respected Lewes writer but not a bonfire boye himself, it gives a good insight to the Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations and its history from...

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  • Bonfire Night In Lewes

    This book has a fascinating collection of historical articles charting the history of bonfire in Lewes from 1813 to the modern day. Plus a Time Line of...

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  • Burn Holy Fire

    Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, is famous for its impressive bonfire night celebrations. The author examines the origins and importance of this...

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  • Lewes On The Fifth

    This book tells the story of The Bonfire Night Celebrations in Lewes today with spectacular and atmospheric full-colour photographs, and is an insightful...

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  • Remember Remember

    Guy Fawkes is amongst the most celebrated figures in English history and Bonfire Night is a remarkably long lived and very English tradition. But why is...

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  • God’s Secret Agents

    Thrilling account of treachery, loyalty and martyrdom in Elizabethan England from an exceptional new writer. As darkness fell on the evening of Friday,...

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  • Gunpowder Plots

    Four Hundred years ago this November the most ambitious and extraordinary plot ever conceived in this country came close to success: the attempt by Guy...

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  • Gunpowder : The Players

    James examines tells the story of the events of Oct 1605 to May 1606 through its key players and the original documentary evidence in which they appear....

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  • The Desperate Remedy

    The story line is cleverly devised so that the history with real people is interwoven into a superbly written espionage plot based around the events of...

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  • The Gunpowder Plot

    November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, when fireworks displays commemorate the shocking moment in 1605 when government authorities uncovered...

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  • The Gunpowder Plot

    Every child has heard of Guy Fawkes and will most likely have watched a 'guy' being burnt on a bonfire and fireworks lighting up the night sky on Bonfire...

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