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Ye Olde Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations Video Shoppe

  • V For Vendetta

    "Remember, remember the fifth of November," for on this day, in 2020, the minds of the masses shall be set free. So says code-name V (Hugo Weaving), a...

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  • Gunpowder Treason Plot

    Gunpowder, Treason and Plot dramalises the short reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and the extraordinary battle of her son, James I, with the Catholic conspiracy...

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  • Elizabeth I

    Helen Mirren plays the lead role of Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth I, written by award-winning screenwriter and acclaimed novelist Nigel Williams (The...

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  • Mrs Brown

    A romantic drama, this John Madden film looks at the relationship between Queen Victoria and John Brown, a commoner who, though a servant, becomes her...

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  • Van Helsing

    It’s the end of the nineteenth century, and monsters are slowly overrunning the world, luckily for the unsuspecting public, the Vatican (that’s right,...

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  • Amadeus

    In a lavish 18th Century parlor in Austria, an elderly man is found, by his servant, with his throat slashed. The wound is self-inflicted, and the man...

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  • The Gunpowder Plot

    An exellent telling of the historical events behind the 'Bonfire Night' celebrations of 5'th November. Part of The History of Warfare Dvd series by Cromwell,...

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  • Virtual Firework Display

    Imagine your self stood outside in the biting cold wind on bonfire night or even on New Years Eve. Someone has brought the fire works and they are just...

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  • Taipei 101 Fireworks

    First Short Feature is a very quick preview of Scenery around Taipei. Feature 2 - 2008 New Years Eve Fireworks - not too bad until you see Feature 3 -...

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  • Russian Fireworks

    This Russian Fireworks instalment of the "Naxos Musical Journey" series focuses on the wide geographical and cultural diversity of a vast country, from...

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  • Nova Fireworks

    Understanding the evolution of fireworks wouldn't be complete without a little history of this sensation. Starting with the ancient Chinese discovery of...

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  • Modern Marvels

    These dvd's are a great source of general information on just about everything. Great series to watch for all ages, But not enough technical information...

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  • Fireworks DVD 2007

    There is lots of fantastic fireworks from firework displays from around the world, including colourful ceremonial illuminations and wonderful atmospheric...

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  • Fireworks Special Edition

    Fireworks Special Edition - A Spectacular DVD. Filmed at some of the world's best firework displays, this DVD is full of dazzling displays of brilliant...

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  • Fireworks Music Handel

    Wonderful and colourful pyrotechnics from a dazzling firework display that's set to the rousing music of the greatest composers of all time Handel

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  • Fireworks Celebration

    Light up any living room with this glorious 12-minute display of fireworks. Fireworks Celebration film No crowds, no need to find parking, just the beauty...

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  • Firework Displays

    Ideal for use at parties and events or just to enjoy the magic of a firework display in your home, this DVD is full of colourful firework shows all filmed...

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  • Edinburgh Fireworks

    Set against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, Fireworks 2007 is a visually spectacular presentation of the annual Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert...

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  • Quest For Guy Fawkes

    Pyschic Derek Acorah seeks the spirit of Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Acorah takes in spooky locations from London...

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