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Abandoned and Derelict - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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Not strictly Lewes Bonfire stuff I know but the connections are still there, because I love Lewes Bonfire History, the history of the Town, surrounding countryside and its buildings physically and socially. This is a website within a website I suppose, devoted to my photo collection of Abandoned/Derelict buildings and places mainly within the Lewes and Sussex area.

I am also a member of the Uk Urbex forum which can be found here at This is an excellent, friendly forum where there are masses of information and photos on all things Urbex, We all simply only want to know what`s behind that door or fence.

Uk Urbex UkUrbex Urban Exploration Website

Urban Exploration

I was introduced to Urban Exploration (Urbex, UE) by my son in law and grandson. It’s a great hobby that involves exploring abandoned, derelict, disused buildings and places, recording their decay and often the final chapter of their life by taking photographs before they get demolished or converted.

This is something that I’ve chosen to do, and if you choose to follow suit, please be aware that most of these redundant buildings and places or the land that they sit on is private property and are often patrolled by security. Many of them are now in a very dangerous condition. Don’t come crying to me if you get nicked by security or hurt yourself. You have been warned!

Apart from anything else, visiting some of these places will give you an excellent couple of hours worth of physical exercise across the whole body – balancing, clambering, climbing, mountaineering, potholing, walking and yoga. Just perfect for an asthmatic heavy smoking, profoundly deaf 55yr old grumpy pops with a knackered back and osteoarthritis in the hips! “Use it or Lose it” the quack said to me. Tis more fun than the cycle machine and swimming lol.

Abandoned Derelict Urban Decay Explorer Building Place Lewes Sussex Derp

Seriously though, Six weeks before the first of my explorations below, I had started an exercise regime of weights, walking and the cycle machine because of my recent osteoarthritis diagnosis and can honestly say that, I would not have been able to do many of the places below due to being unfit, so this new hobby of mine is perfect for fitness, flexibility and strength. “Conditions will hamper you but Fitness will help you”

I would suggest that you explore in a group of at least three with at least one of you carrying a mobile phone. Be very careful, work as a group and keep your ears and eyes open whilst exploring these beautiful abandoned, derelict buildings and places in a very respectful Urban Exploration (Urbex, Ue) way. Have fun, plan ahead, take only photos and leave only footprints.


Secca Secca. . .

“Secca Secca, Where for art thou are you?
For I have an important job to do.

Secca Secca, I only want to know what`s behind that door,
For if I do not ever find out my grand life will be poor.

Secca Secca, As I only take photos and leave only my footprints,
Surely you could stay in your cabin and just let me take my many tints,

Secca Secca, Try as you might as the big bad bruv,
But you will never beat me because I wunt be druv,

Secca Secca, Please abide with us,
The Urbex lot in god you can trust.

Secca Here, Secca There,
Catch Me There, If You Care!”


New Abandoned and Derelict Website. . .

I have now moved all of these posts where you can see all of the following locations below on my new dedicated Abandoned and Derelict Photo Gallery Website, it has been designed to be easy to use with simple search features. Abandoned and Derelict Website The links below will now redirect you to the relevant post on the new website and I will not be adding any more posts here.


Preston Barracks Brighton. . .

This is Preston Barracks in Brighton (Not the Fulwood Army Barracks in Preston) : In 1793, fearing Napoleon may invade England and take the shortest route to London by landing his troops near Brighton. Barracks for the infantry were built in Brighton’s Church Street and at the same time, a far larger site in the nearby village of Preston was developed for their supporting artillery and cavalry.

See Preston Barrack Pics Here


Redundant Water Reservoir. . .

This was a strange explore as originally we were looking for a firing range in Plumpton (See My Previous Post) but instead we came across this disused water reservoir and upon looking at the logistics of it, we decided to make a return visit with lifting equipment.

See Water Reservoir Pics Here


Armoury Shooting Range. . .

This is an old armoury and rifle shooting range in Plumpton on the Sussex Downs and the story goes a bit like this, I drive past this little brick building on farmland at least six times a week and have already posted snaps of it on here as a keepers cottage/house. But I wasn’t happy with my description.

See Shooting Range Pics Here


Hoarders Garage Workshop. . .

This Hoarders garage workshop was a real stealthy and ninja operation as we had live houses either side of us and occupied horse stables opposite (See First Pic) And for safety reasons we visited the site in daylight. Jolly good fun though! The site itself looks like it started life as a farm.

See Hoarders Pics Here


Abandoned Derp Oddities. . .

This post is devoted to random, abandoned, derp and derelict buildings, objects and places that do not fit in anywhere else. This photo collection covers a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from xmas trees, pigs trotters, tin mines, farm machinery and more. It is really surprising and weird what you can come across on your travels.

See Derp Oddity Pics Here


Rusty Derp Farm. . .

I had driven past this rusty derp abandoned farm several times in the last few months or so and thought it might be worth a peep. So one sunny day whilst taking snaps nearby I decided to have a look. There is not much there to be honest but I did get a few snaps.

See Derp Farm Pics Here


Oracle Park Parklands. . .

This Redundant office building is Parklands, Oracle Park in Chertsey. On the same site is a little one bedroom house and I forgot to take pics, then you have a little outhouse building with decking to the front overlooking a pond which looks like it was once a cafe.

See Oracle Park Pics Here


St Peter’s Hospital Mortuary. . .

The mortuary, built in the 1940’s, is a small, rectangular building on the outskirts of the main Hospital site and closed in April 2009 when the mortuary relocated to the main hospital building. Inside, there’s a small chapel and viewing room with the rest of the building comprising of body fridges and the main autopsy room.

See Hospital Mortuary Pics Here


Silverlands Orphanage. . .

Silverlands in Surrey was once an Actors Orphanage and Nurse Training School within the grounds of St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, The History is that it is was built as a private house, then the building was used as a war hospital in the First World War.

See Silverlands Orphanage Pics Here


St Elisabeth Church. . .

I think my favourite urbex of 2014 was this Redundant St Elisabeth Church in Eastbourne sometimes called the Saint Elizabeth church with its grand pipe organ. Consecrated in 1938 but due to design faults in the construction of the walls and roof which affected the structural integrity, the church was closed in 2003.

See St Elisabeth Church Pics Here


Graham Wood Factory. . .

This redundant building in Lancing is the old Graham Wood factory which went bust in February 2014, it was a heavy steelwork contractor. Think RSJs, Girders etc. Not a bad urbex this one and we were tempted to flick the power on and play with the cranes but on seeing the Voltage and Amps (600v/60a) I thought better of it.

See Graham Wood Factory Pics Here


Newhaven Railway Club. . .

Discovered this little place whilst on a reconnaissance elsewhere, It was cold, dark and pouring down with rain and it was pouring into the building through the roof and then through the ceiling to the floor. Probably started life as a Southern Railway Working Mans Club and went through several uses and ending up as the Newhaven Railway Club.

See Railway Club Pics Here


Eastbourne TEC. . .

Not gripping stuff this one but we decided to pop into this redundant building which was once the Eastbourne TEC BT Telephone Exchange Centre on the way back from another mooch. As far as I know it was originally a Telephone Exchange Centre (TEC) with offices on the upper floors with storage/workshop area on the ground level for BT covering the Eastbourne area.

See Eastbourne TEC Pics Here


Eastbourne Pump House. . .

Not a great deal here at the Eastbourne Pump House to be honest with you apart from butterflies, pigeon poo and urban decay! We had used an old metal wheelbarrow found in the yard as a step ladder to help us over the 8ft wooden fence but when it came to climbing back over, the wheelbarrow had gone! Somebody was having a laugh at our expense because once we were both back over I saw the wheelbarrow was back where I originally found it.

See Eastbourne Pump House Pics Here


Shoreham Cement Works. . .

This has been on my radar for a very long time and I remember the walkway that once went across the road. Had a recce of the Shoreham Cement Works a week ago after a mooch in nearby Lancing (Report To Follow) and found a way in. It is now in a very abandoned, dangerous and derelict state but it is still a cracking photogenic place to to take snaps but I was unable to do all of it nor do the place justice as the light was fading fast and my back and leg was playing up.

See Shoreham Cement Works Pics Here


Giant Wheelie Bin. . .

Back in the Summer, I was doing odd jobs and stuff for my Son at his works near Hailsham and there was this caravan there. It came up in the conversation many times as to where the guy that lived there was as he had not been seen for some weeks. My son, bless him decided to have a look inside one day as there was now an unsavoury aroma emanating from the caravan and thoughts were now leaning towards a dead body.

See Giant Wheelie Bin Pics Here


The Tin Top Cottage. . .

This Grade II tin top cottage in Uckfield is actually two cottages and my guess is that the tin top one was built early 1850s and the other one built early in the early 1900s. Cannot find any information on them but seeing that they are only about a mile from another cottage in the same area. See Here I can assume it has been bought by the same person or company as that other cottage, to simply rot away beyond repair. Totally stripped out now and access was doddle and had fun explaining to my Grandson what a twin tub washing  machine was!

See Tin Top Cottage Pics Here


The Printing Press House. . .

This abandoned and derelict house in the Surrey Stockbroker belt has been nicknamed “The Printing Press House”, I can see why now with no fewer than five printing presses and three sewing machines within the house, conservatory and the sheds. It is a very strange and photogenic place and I had all manner of problems with the settings on my camera. Having now visited the place with its ease of entry and its favourable location, I am surprised that the house is still empty and has not been trashed.

See Printing Press House Pics Here


Train Workshop Newhaven. . .

This place is next door to the infamous Marine Engineering Workshop (See Here) and when I read in my local rag awhile ago, that this Grade II listed abandoned derelict building which was once the old Newhaven Locomotive Workshop, that it had been given part demo permission and planning permission for a college to be built in its place.

See Train Workshop Pics Here


Artex Building Newhaven. . .

Had our very first game of Cat and Mouse with Mr Secca with this place! Our first two visits were reconnaissance missions only, but by our third visit our patience paid off as we had by then sussed out that Mr Secca was a man of habits. We by now, Knew what time he would arrive, How long he would spend in the building, What time he would leave and what time he would be back thus giving us a time frame for our explore. As soon as our friend disappeared around the corner in his official, trusty looking van, We were in this Abandoned, Redundant Artex Ltd Building in Newhaven like a shot.

See Artex Building Pics Here


Isfield Army Camp. . .

World War Two Isfield Army Camp : I have looked everywhere on the internet to find out about the exact history of this Abandoned and Derelict Isfield Army Camp during World War Two without much success, I can only find snippets within pages of local business websites but I do believe it was occupied by the Canadian Infantry Corps during World War Two.

See Isfield Army Camp Pics Here


The Grove Railway Tunnel. . .

Grove Tunnel lies under the southern edge of the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent. It is a 183 yard, single bore tunnel, driven through Grove Hill, which is largely made of sandstone and the distinctive local ironstone that carries heavy ferrous deposits.

See Grove Railway Tunnel Pics Here


The Harbourside Inn Newhaven. . .

Cant find much info on this place but this abandoned and derelict building was once the Harbourside Inn in Newhaven, formerly known as the Sheffield Hotel. Built in 1891 and served its last pint in July 2012, there is not a great deal in there to be honest apart from loads of full untouched kegs of beer and lager. But before you rush of for a free drink, they are all at least 18 months past their use by date! There is hope that the building will be saved and converted into flats subject to ongoing planning permission.

See Harbourside Inn Pics Here


Redundant Farm Buildings Cooksbridge. . .

I drive past these redundant, abandoned and derelict farm buildings in Cooksbridge near Lewes Sussex at least six times a week, but never had my camera with me. Made a special journey one sunny afternoon to have a closer look and to take some snaps. Could not locate the farmer but found a guy in a workshop and he said the buildings belong to a Lord something or other and the farmer rents from him.

See Redundant Farm Building Pics Here


The Newhaven Marine Engineering Workshop. . .

When I read in my local rag awhile ago, that this Grade II listed abandoned derelict building which was once the old Newhaven Marine Engineering Workshop, that it had been given demo permission and planning permission for a college to be built in its place, (See Here) I just knew that I had to get in there pronto before it was all gone. I could possibly have got a permission visit but where is the fun in that? As it was, we noticed a couple on their mobiles opposite us on a boat talking about us to “Guess Who”

See Newhaven Marine Engineering Workshop Pics Here


The Cannon O` Donnell Hall Lewes. . .

This deliberately abandoned and derelict arts and crafts style building is the Canon O`Donnell Hall which was a community centre for the people of Lewes and built in 1907. Sold to a property developer to be commercially vandalised! Looking at the art forms on the walls and doors inside the building, one wonders on the state of mind of the last inhabitants!

See Cannon O`Donnell Pics Here


The Astoria Cinema Brighton. . .

Had been wanting to do this abandoned derelict art deco building for months, but just could not find a safe, sensible and a legal way into the Brighton Astoria Cinema which was also a Bingo Hall and a rarely used Theatre. Got a phone call one evening from my Son In Law and Grandson and they blurted “Were In”

See Astoria Cinema Pics Here


HMS Forward Newhaven. . .

Have known about these secret HMS Forward tunnels in Newhaven for years, ever since I explored the Newhaven Fort complex 35 yrs ago and long before it was commercialised as a tourist attraction. Finally found the location of the entry point to the HMS Forward secret tunnel complex and it is actually in South Heighton only a few miles away.

See HMS Forward Pics Here


Protestant Martyrs Steps Lewes. . .

I finally secured a “Supervised” look at this cellar after many years thinking about it because of my deep interest in the history of the Lewes Bonfire Celebrations and the part that the Star Inn had played, during the Marian Persecutions and the Lewes 17 Protestant Marytrs burnt at the stake simply for their beliefs.

See Protestant Martyrs Steps Pics Here


Parker Pen Factory Newhaven. . .

When I heard that the Parker Pen Factory was being demolished I knew it had to be done pronto before demolition was complete. In its heyday the Parker Pen Factory in Newhaven was a major employer in the town, it closed down in 2009 and had stood abandoned and derelict ever since. Explored with my Son in Law and Grandson.

See Parker Pen Factory Pics Here


Hellingly Hospital Sussex. . .

Not much for me to say really that has not already been said before about Hellingly Hospital as it has been well documented elsewhere over the years, except maybe to mention that the hospital opened on July 20th, 1903 and was known then as the East Sussex County Asylum before re-branding itself to “Hellingly Hospital” Same contents but different packaging! But I have to admit that it does sound more PC than the East Sussex County Asylum, “Asylum” evokes helplessness, sadness, terror, loneliness and suicide thoughts.

See Hellingly Hospital Pics Here


Seed Merchants Uckfield. . .

This was last known as The Old Warehouse Police Garage and has stood abandoned and derelict since at least March 2008, and the blue colour on the doors tells me it has Sussesx Police in its veins. As for a warehouse I am not so sure but I really do think it was once a Corn/Seed Merchants type of store, as below the rotten floorboards I saw all manner of seeds and saw a Spillers Seed Sign in one of the rooms.

See Uckfield Seed Merchant Pics Here


God`s Waiting Room Lewes. . .

Here is another deliberately abandoned building which was an old folks care home in Lewes, Sussex, It has fallen to Government cut backs and it wont take long before it becomes derelict.  This God`s Waiting Room is still owned but was deemed to be to expensive to run by the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) God Bless The Government and its Transparent Austerity Measures eh!

See God`s Waiting Room Pics Here


Garage Workshops Glynde. . .

Had been meaning to do these Abandoned Derelict buildings for awhile but was waiting for a sunny day to explore what is left of a Garage, Small Cottage, Workshops, Caravan and a Game Bird Shed in Glynde. Kept me and my Grandson amused for an afternoon.

See Garage Worshop Pics Here


Disused Lime Kiln Streat. . .

Was out and about having a ramble on the Foot of the Sussex Downs one Sunday afternoon working of my Roast Dinner and came across these abandoned derelict farm buildings in Streat near Lewes. Decided to have a mooch and I noticed some flint and brickwork in the undergrowth, At first I thought it was a tunnel which had me puzzled,  but on closer inspection I realised it was an old Lime Kiln on top of a disused Chalk Pit.

See Lime Kiln Pics Here


Gasometer Kemp Town Brighton. . .

So off to the Gasometer in Kemp Town, Brighton I went and I was happy as a Samboy, I have always been fascinated by these Gasometers and still remember the rise and fall of both of these now derelict and abandoned structures. In my quest for exploration and photos I broke every rule in my own personal urbex rule book, I explored on my own, forgot the sensible footwear, forgot the phone and took risks but I got a good buzz, so who is anyone to judge? Hope you enjoy the pics.

See Gasometer Pics Here


Southdown Brewery Lewes. . .

The Southdown Brewery Building (est. 1838) lies empty and is now starting its long journey towards a slow death deliberately due to Brown Envelopes and stupidGrade II Listed Building Planning Laws, (Look At Horsebridge Mill and St Annes School) It is the last really old building with its surrounding land now left in Lewes that has not been redeveloped. Lets hope that the boffins in charge go 50/50 and give us a nice remembrance.

See Southdown Brewery Pics Here


Ritz Cinema Tunbridge Wells. . .

This place is now truly trashed but still makes for an interesting explore, below is a little bit of information and history borrowed from Cinematopia. There are going to be loads of homeless pigeons when this place finally gets knocked down! The 1,600-seat Ritz – “Kent’s most luxurious cinema” and a part of the Union Cinemas circuit – opened on 3rd December 1934, there is still visible, painted on the rear of the building, a faded “Ritz” sign. The first programme, which punters could watch for 3d, was headed by Gracie Fields’ Sing As We Go. It become the Essoldo in 1954.

See Ritz Cinema Pics Here


Milking Shed Glynde. . .

These abandoned and derelict farm buildings and cattle barn in Glynde near Lewes, looks like it was once a cow milking shed which also had a sideline of selling eggs.

See Milking Shed Pics Here


Horsebridge Mill Hailsham. . .

Horsebridge Mill is Grade Two Listed old flour mill that was built around 1900, but its history is very sketchy, there was a fire between 1908 and 1910, when the mill was rebuilt as a large roller mill, McDougall’s had a hand in it in the past and the the last owner is listed as the Mill Precision Engineers, who occupied the the newer buildings opposite. Some Details Borrowed From Here

See Horsebridge Mill Pics Here


Chalk Pit Tunnels Offham. . .

Done this one with my Grandson and got cut to pieces with the overgrown Hawthorn! “In 1809 the Offham chalk pit was the scene of a remarkable piece of engineering and one of the very first ‘railways’ in southern England. Although farming was the main activity in Hamsey parish for centuries, many local people found employment in the Offham chalk pit. Indeed some Public Houses owe their origins to quarries or navigations, such as The Chalk Pit Inn at Offham and The Sloop adjacent to Freshfield lock” Nicked from this excellent website. . . History of Offham Chalk Pit

See Chalk Pit Tunnel Pics Here


Romantic Ruin Isfield. . .

Found this lovely Abandoned and Derelict Farm Barn in Isfield near Lewes, Sussex. Got my collar felt by an old boy and thought Uh Oh but he was really sweet and he called it a Romantic Ruin in his back garden and then gave me and my wife a tour of his house and gardens.

See Romantic Ruin Pics Here


WW2 Pillbox Barcombe. . .

Not sure what to write about this WW2 Pill Box in Barcombe apart from its a Pillbox Type 24 (Shell-proof) A242, Its interesting but there is something missing at this world war II pill-box for me apart from the views. Maybe that’s the point!

See Barcombe Pillbox Pics Here


Abandoned Sawmill Cooksbridge. . .

Whilst driving around the countryside in the early spring sunshine with my eyes peeled, I spotted an outline of a wooden building behind the bushes. I decided to go back and have a closer look at the place, I,m so glad that I did as I found these old Abandoned Derelict Sawmill/Timber Workshop buildings in Cooksbridge near Lewes in Sussex. Cant find any info on the place but cant help wondering if there is a connection with Covers?

See Cooksbridge Sawmill Pics Here


Corn Exchange Tunbridge Wells. . .

Part of the Corn Exchange (formerly the Tunbridge Wells Theatre) and only recently abandoned and in places a bit derelict already. It was last occupied by a curry house and looks like it use to be the place to have a curry judging by the decor and layout of the kitchen/serving area. Below the curry house is a labyrinth  of corridors and rooms that will confuse your sense of direction!

See Tunbridge Wells Corn Exchange Pics Here


ROC Post Crowborough. . .

Abandoned derelict ROC Post just off the Uckfield road in Crowborough, Sussex. Over 1,500 of these small bunkers were built at various places around the country during the Cold War. They were designed to house three members of the Royal Observer Corps, whose job it would be to use supplied equipment to gauge the bomb power and ground zero of a nuclear blast and report back to a group H.Q. It is in a well hidden place behind the trees and is still in a fairly good condition with its original flaky green paint.

See Crowborough ROC Post Pics Here


Farm Buildings Cooksbridge. . .

Abandoned derelict farm buildings in Cooksbridge near Lewes, Sussex. I was blessed with gorgeous spring sunshine one afternoon when I decided to have a look around the place and so glad that I did, it has amazing views of Lewes and the Sussex Downs beyond. The blue of the sky contrasted nicely with the dilapidated derelict structure forms of the farm buildings in my eye.

See Cooksbridge Farm Building Pics Here


St Anne`s School Lewes. . .

The original building and more importantly the place and land that it sits on has a very rich and interesting history, it closed down as a school at the end of the Summer Term of 2005, which means that nine years had passed since this abandoned and derelict St Anne`s School was laid to rest when these photos were taken. I dont believe in ghosts, spirits, and things etc but something or somebody was there and it felt like, I was being watched and followed. Well weird I can tell you and I will not be going back because St Anne`s School has given me the Subud “Heebie Jeebies!”

See St Anne`s School Pics Here


Wenban Smith Lewes. . .

This building used to be a Timber Merchant Warehouse and Shop belonging to Wenban Smith. It suffered severe flooding during the Lewes Floods of 2000. Before that when it was owned by Parsons, the place suffered a huge fire which was started by a local retained fireman! It has lovely views of Harveys Brewery sitting on the other side of the River Ouse. Rumours abound for this site from an extension for Waitrose to new houses, we will just have have to wait and see.

See Wenban Smith Pics Here


Plumpton Pit Stop. . .

The Plumpton Pit Stop was one of those oldie worldie quaint filling stations of yesteryear, It closed down in 2001 and is still in a remarkably good condition. Be careful though as this place is located on a fast blind bend, If driving, Park up in the layby a short way up the Lane. Located on the Offham to Ditchling Road in Sussex.

See Plumpton Pit Stop Pics Here


Pillbox Kingston Road. . .

This Military Pillbox on the Kingston Road near Lewes is very well hidden by shrubbery and has beautiful views of the chalk pits in the distance made by the old Cement Works. It is still in a good safe condition and worth finding for the views alone. Be careful though as this place is located on a fast straight stretch of road. If driving, Park up in the layby by the old Bus Shelter a short way up the road. Located on the Kingston Road just outside Lewes in Sussex.

See Military Pillbox Pics Here


Keepers Cottage Plumpton. . .

I think this is an old keepers cottage, located at the beginning of a track that leads to a camp site at a farm in Plumpton, near Lewes Sussex. I was actually taking photos of the Rapeseed growing in the field opposite when I stumbled across this, as it is well hidden by shrubbery. Again be careful, As the place is located on a fast straight stretch of road with a nasty bend without any safe parking places nearby. Located on the Offham to Ditchling Road in Sussex.

See Keepers Cottage Pics Here



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