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Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Bonfire Anthem

Now is the time for marching Now let your hearts be gay Hark to

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Welcome to my very own Lewes Bonfire Night Blog page on my rebuilt website, many of you will recognize my style, content etc from my old bonfire night website. This website and my bonfire night Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts took ten months of planning and motivation before I decided to take the plunge under increasing pressure from my son.

It took a further eight weeks for all the main background stuff to code and main content to be added, but I think it has been well worth all the blue rookies being thrown out of my pram!

Hidden in the grid below is a famous name relating to Bonfire Night. To find it, answer each of the multiple-choice questions, then re-arrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name in the box below. Click on the image for a larger pic that you can then download and print if you so wish. By James Black for the Daily Mail

Daily Mail Name Game Coffee Break James Black Large

Even though my #LewesBonfire Night Celebrations website, bonfire night Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts are now up and running, I am still on the look out for more additions and I am hoping to tidy up the navigation and the site as well. For the latest News, Gossip etc on the Lewes Bonfire, Sussex Bonfires and other general items, Take a look at my Twitter feed @veefourvendetta

“A Stranger Is A Friend Whom You Are Waiting To Meet”

Lewes Bonfire Night Red Flares

The 2013 Sussex bonfire night season is now history for many by the time you read this, and a very interesting one it had been as well. Many a Bonfire Society having had a good bonfire night last year celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, and there were a couple of new kids appear on the Sussex Bonfire block as well, Namely “Shoreham, Seaford, Hawkhurst, Winchelsea and Northiam”

Be Always Vigilent Semper Vigilare

There were a lot of events last year marking Guy Fawkes ill fated plan and good on him to, because what else would we be doing at this time of year if the plan had never been conceived.

See my 2014 Bonfire Event Date Page for a list of bonfire night events, or the Calendar of Bonfire related dates and Events, if you would like to support in fundraising or just fancy warming up for the big one.

Lewes Bonfire Rookie

02/10/14 . . Well what can I say, Lewes Bonfire is only a month away and the 2014 Sussex Bonfire Season is already in full swing and the big build up to the Lewes Bonfire is now here, the anticipation, trepidation, gossip, gutter press media scaremongering, adjustments to the new bonfire costume, polishing the costume for the Fifth, buying in your red flares, “red” rookies and Chinese crackers.

Lewes Rookies Flares Crackers Poppy

So unless you are involved you will never understand the Lewes or Sussex Bonfires. Liken it to the last days at school before Christmas and the magical build up to Christmas Eve, its the same for a Lewes Bonfire Boye or Belle , looking forward to the build up to Lewes Badge Night and beyond. “BURN HIM!”  and finally “Semper Vigilare” (Be Always Vigilent)



I hate to say it, but 2013 was a shite year all round for the common man and 2014 is going the same way, we are getting squeezed from every angle, and preached a load of crap, is it any wonder we had riots in the Summer of 2011, those at the top should practise what they preach during their stupid austerity measures, if I went bust in 1976 as the UK did, I would be punished for running a business at a loss.

How about all MPs taking at least a 25% pay cut on their nett take home pay for starters, 100% cut on all expenses apart from staff, office, travel and clothing, and rejecting the MPs disgusting request for a £10,000 – £20,000 pay rise,  If those at the top showed the same painful austerity measures as the elderly/disabled  couples that have lived in a two up two down house all their lives, having to pay a Bedroom Tax on one spare room for their grandchildren to sleep over in, I might buy it.

But it still leaves one question, which is, How many bedrooms does 10 downing Street have, also how many bedrooms do the official residence have, and how many do the personal residence have ? Also this country is now becoming more corrupt than Sicily and its Mafia (Jobs, Cash In Brown Envelopes For The Boys And All That) Its the media and the police I`m looking at here!

So quite a few interesting events or anniversaries already this year worthy of a possible tableux, setpiece or effigy, The main one in my mind is The 750th Anniversary of The Battle of Lewes, The 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, The 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War,  The 50th Anniversary of the Beatles, The 50th Anniversary of the closure of the Lewes Racecourse.

Then there was an amazing wake up call for the Rosetta Spacecraft, which after a 10-year journey and three years in hibernation, the Rosetta Spacecraft (A Comet Chaser) was successfully woken up to continue its journey towards the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and land on it!, The UKIP councillor David Silvester that was dropped from his party after claiming that the winter floods that devastated homes and cost lives was caused by gay marriage, he also said the country was being punished by God for allowing abortions.

The fact that the Police crime figures cannot be trusted as they are not being recorded properly, claims the statistics watchdog. The data was earlier this year stripped of its UK Statistics Authority kitemark amid concerns forces are ‘fiddling’ the figures. The move has been described as a ‘wake-up call’ as the public no longer trust police data, I,m still waiting for a Transparent set of figures of injuries and arrests for last year`s Bonfire Celebrations.

Then there were the 400 priests who were defrocked in only two years by the former Pope Benedict XVI over claims of child abuse, as confirmed by the Vatican, The first time ever that the Holy See was publicly confronted over the sexual abuse of children by clergy. The Vatican had also sent another 400 cases to either be tried by a Church tribunal or to be dealt with elsewhere.

The worst ever devastating Winter Floods and Storms in South West England and Wales not being helped by a political blame game between the Government and the Environment Agency. Our very own Norman Baker from Lewes, denouncing the 2010 World Cup as not a national celebration, The Russian Crisis In Crimea and Ukraine, The Sochi Winter Olympic Circus.

The Disgusting Fat Cat Bonus/Back Door Pay Rise Of The HSBC Boss Stuart Gulliver taking his yearly pocket money allowance up to £8 Million Plus, Or the Mystery of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the deliberate downing of Flight MH17 and the downing of two Ukrainian fighter jets in contested airspace near the Russian border. Or how about The 25th Anniversary of the WWW or how about The Lewes District Council Democratic deficit – Taxation without Representation plan appeal, or the Car tax disc being axed after 93 years sterling service.

Or what about Spitting Image’s 30th anniversary or the 70th anniversary of “The Great Escape” where  76 servicemen fled from the German Stalag Luft III camp through a 336ft (102m) long tunnel. Only three reached safety. Of the 73 recaptured, 50 were shot. How about the 50th anniversary of Radio Caroline which was born at midday on Easter Sunday March 28th 1964 or the fact that gay marriages was made legal in March of this year or the 450th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Birthday in April.

How about the 50th anniversary of Mary Quant`s Mini Skirt giving the young females everywhere to have the “feeling of freedom and liberation” I`m up for all the bonfire girls dressed in a Mini Skirt on the Fifth this year! Lol, The shock result of Nigel Farage and the UKIP topping the European polls in the UK. Or the 50th anniversary of the last hangings in the Uk, which was on the 13th August 1964 and were Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans for murder.

How about on 13 August 1964 the super swift exit of the England Football Team from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil or the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. Or the frightening Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Isis/Iraq conflict. The disgusting cover-up of historic paedophilia allegations at Westminster. The 60th Anniversary of the Iconic London Routemaster Bus. The farcical Scottish Brown Enveloped Referendum.

The Gulf War 3, Ebola. The 1% pay rise refused by MPs for the Nurses whilst the MPs give themselves a 10% pay rise! or how about Lord Freud stating that some disabled people are “not worth” the minimum wage and also suggested that some disabled people could be paid as low as £2 an hour or the death of a modern day “Jesus” as in John Holt. So pop along if your conscience wants to, but we are not inviting you, and please remember “Volenti Non Fit Injuria”, “Let Us Be” and “Lest We Forget”.

So see You At The Lewes Bonfire after my favourite pre bonfire night brunch and drink which is . . in the hip flask, Me . . JD and Coke, The Boss . . Cherry Brandy and Coke, And our favorite food as a pre bonfire night meal has always been an all day brunch, and the recipe is below.

Favourite Lewes Bonfire Night Brunch Food

Ingredients etc for an all day brunch . . . . Castle Sausages and Free Range Eggs from Richards the Butchers, Good thin smoked back bacon, An uncut loaf of fresh bread, A decent tin of baked beans and beef dripping.

Method . . . Apart from the obvious of cooking the baked beans, and getting the eggs out of the fridge to come up to room temperature (Stops The Shell From Shattering On Cracking Open) You need to grab yourself two frying pans and empty into them generous dollops of beef dripping especially into the pan that you will use for the bacon and sausages. All will come clear in a bit, now put both pans on a gentle heat to melt the dripping only.

Whilst that is going on slice you bread about 3/4s of an inch thick and put to one side, Now crank up the heat a little on the bacon/sausage pan and drop your bacon in and cook till starting to brown and about 1% from going crispy, remove to a plate and drop your sausages in to the same pan. Now cook on the same heat and turning them several times until they are nearly cooked, then crank the heat up to maximum.

Crank the heat up a little on the other frying pan and drop your eggs into it and keep basting the eggs by which time the sausages will be cooked and slightly burnt, Remove them and place with the bacon, Let the Bacon/Sausage pan heat up to smoking hot temperature, serve your fried eggs, microwave your bacon and sausages for 30 secs and then drop your bread into the pan and cook on both sides till golden brown. Garnish with Ketchup or Brown Sauce and serve with a glass of orange juice. Enjoy!
Remembrance Lest We Forget Poppy

“Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I’m not perfect, And I don’t live to be.
But before you start pointing fingers . .
Make sure you hands are clean !”  :  Bob Marley

Lest We Forget Poppies Poppy Remembrance

Lest We Forget

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