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St Mary’s Social Centre Lewes - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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We learn with dismay the reported intention of Lewes District Council to dispose of St Mary’s Social Centre and Supporters’ Club (Sussex Express, 21 September 2012). Apparently ‘community value’ is the new priority. I wonder if Lewes District Council could tell us if they think the many local organizations that use and rely upon the superb facilities at St Mary’s, including Lewes Chess Club among others listed in last week’s paper, provide community value?

Lewes St Marys Social Club Supporters Centre

Is an income for Lewes District Council of £8,500 a year for a vibrant going concern not in itself ‘value’ apart from the benefit provided by these groups? Or is ‘community value’ really a euphemism for ‘asset strip’?

St Marys Supporters Club As Used By The Lewes Ciffe Bonfire Society And Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society


We call upon Lewes District Council to clarify for the benefit of all users of St Mary’s, that it has no plans, or will drop such plans as are in development, to dispose of St Mary’s and affirm that the facility already provides community value and will continue to do so for so long as the people who use its facilities wish it to remain.

Martin Costley, Chairman, for and on behalf of Lewes Chess Club


Newspaper headlines re closure of the Social Centre, As many of you will undoubtedly have seen (and heard) there are strong rumours ‘doing the rounds’ that Lewes District Council are about to sell the Social Centre site for redevelopment. We are working with the Trustees of the Social Centre, other groups and local Councillors to try to identify what truth, if any, there is in these rumours. If you need any clarification on the current position please ask a Committee member.

Club News, St.Mary’s Supporters Club

Lewes District Council  (LDC) are aiming to dispose of St Mary’s Social Centre and Supporters’ Club as used by the Cliffe Bonfire Society, The Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society and the Lewes Borough Bonfire Society. STOP THEM.

Saving St Marys Lewes Club

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V, Lewes Bonfire Celebrations

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