Bonfire Prayers

Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Bonfire Anthem

Now is the time for marching Now let your hearts be gay Hark to

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Lewes Bonfire Night Food - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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Our Favourite Lewes Bonfire Night Brunch Food And Drink . . .

Favorite drink in the hip flask, Me . . JD and Coke, The Boss . . Cherry Brandy and Coke, Our favorite food as a pre bonfire night meal has always been an all day brunch, and the recipe is below.

Favourite Lewes Bonfire Night Brunch Food

Ingredients etc for an all day brunch . . . . Castle Sausages and Free Range Eggs from Richards the Butchers, Good thin smoked back bacon, An uncut loaf of fresh bread, A decent tin of baked beans and beef dripping.

Method . . . Apart from the obvious of cooking the baked beans, and getting the eggs out of the fridge to come up to room temperature (Stops The Shell From Shattering On Cracking Open) You need to grab yourself two frying pans and empty into them generous dollops of beef dripping especially into the pan that you will use for the bacon and sausages. All will come clear in a bit, now put both pans on a gentle heat to melt the dripping only.

Whilst that is going on slice you bread about 3/4s of an inch thick and put to one side, Now crank up the heat a little on the bacon/sausage pan and drop your bacon in and cook till starting to brown and about 1% from going crispy, remove to a plate and drop your sausages in to the same pan. Now cook on the same heat and turning them several times until they are nearly cooked, then crank the heat up to maximum.

Crank the heat up a little on the other frying pan and drop your eggs into it and keep basting the eggs by which time the sausages will be cooked and slightly burnt, Remove them and place with the bacon, Let the Bacon/Sausage pan heat up to smoking hot temperature, serve your fried eggs, microwave your bacon and sausages for 30 secs and then drop your bread into the pan and cook on both sides till golden brown. Garnish with Ketchup or Brown Sauce and serve with a glass of orange juice. Enjoy!

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