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Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Bonfire Anthem

Now is the time for marching Now let your hearts be gay Hark to

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Joyful Day Of Deliverance - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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Within three months of the Gunpowder Plot being discovered, an Act of Parliament was passed on January 21st 1606 (3 James I, cap 1), to appoint 5th November in each year as a day of thanksgiving for ‘the joyful day of deliverance’. This was by bell ringing, Church service, prayer, bonfires etc. The Act remained in force until 1859.

A new form of prayer was written especially for the 5th November (Prayer Book Collect) which is a form of prayer with special characteristics of its own.

Apart from the dates above, history books or documents do not tell us whether this bank holiday was observed every year between 1606 – 1859 or whether this new prayer collect was used, But according to facts found , the first recorded parade of Guy Fawkes, enemies etc was in November 1679.

Several references can be found in an old Lewes Churchwarden’s account book referring to payments made to bell ringers on the 5th November from at least 1661, A particular interesting entry dated 5th November 1723 states “Nov, ye 5th. Item: Pd. ye ringers being ye day of Deliverance from ye powder plot”

Below is an image of A Prayer Collect, This one is from 1689.

Prayer Book Collect 5th November 1606

Oh God whose name is excellent in all the earth, and thy glory
above the heavens, who on this day didst miraculously preserve our church
and state from the secret contrivance and hellish malice
of Popish conspirators.

And on this day also didst begin to give us a mighty
deliverance from the open tyranny and oppression of the
same cruel and blood-thirsty enemies, we bless and adore thy
glorious majesty, as for the former.

So for this, thy late marvellous loving kindness to our
church and nation, in the preservation of our religion
and liberties.

And we humbly pray, that the devout sense of this thy repeated
mercy, may renew and increase in us a spirit of love and
thankfulness to thee its only author.

A spirit of peaceable submission and obedience to our
gracious sovereign, whom thou madest the blessed
instrument of it, and a spirit of servant zeal for our
holy religion, which now again thou hast so wonderfully
rescued and established a blessing to us and our

And this we beg for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen

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