Bonfire Prayers

Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Bonfire Anthem

Now is the time for marching Now let your hearts be gay Hark to

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Bonfire Night Poem - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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Guy Fawkes is burning on the fire,
All the fireworks are getting higher.

Burgers, hotdogs and a portion of chips,
I’m licking the ketchup that’s all over my lips.

Smoke is starting to get in my eye,
But still I stare at the sky.

Whoosh Bang Sparkle Pop,
Will the fun ever stop ?

My toes are absolutely frozen,
Because of these shoes I had chosen.

The Catherine wheel sparkles on,
It’s so beautiful and pretty,
But soon it stopped , which was a pity.

Fireworks blue, green, gold and yellow,
I see as I roast my marshmallow.

I’ve got my woolly hat, gloves and a scarf,
And with my sparkler I start to laugh.

I’ve got that wonderful feeling
My sparkler was green,
It’s the best ever bonfire night I’ve had.

I’m freezing cold but warm inside me,
But at least I had my Dad beside me.

Chilham St.Mary’s Primary School

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