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Why Attack Lewes Bonfire - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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What you are about to read below, is an e-mail message sent to me awhile back, the message proves to me that there is now a wide spread epidemic called uncontrolled knee jerking. But wait for it, the dipstick sent the message to a bonfire society that does not even mention the religion in its bonfire celebrations, never has done and is never likely to either.

That person entered my old site, blinked, coughed and spluttered and thought, I’ve got a knee jerk coming, without looking any further and not understanding the fact that a village bonfire society is a village society and Lewes is Lewes.

Why are outsiders so ignorant of the fact, that today’s Lewes Bonfire Celebrations have nothing to do with the hatred of the Catholic Faith and its modern day Pope, and it certainly has no comparison with the Northern Ireland troubles or the modern Catholic Church. Lewes does not use Bonfire Night to express the Catholic issues, it is the other way round, Freedom from the old Popery regime with its outdated Roman Catholic Views and the failure of the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot.

Not one single person in any bonfire society in Lewes or the surrounding areas would give a hoot as to what religion anybody follows, and as for encouraging children to be hateful to others . . . (BALLS) the only thing that happens is a bit of Mickey taking depending on what bonfire society you are in, no worse than declaring love for your favorite football team or Pop Star.

“All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit” . . . Thomas Paine

The Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations is probably the safest place to bring the kids without any fear of injury, verbal, mentally or physical, at least within the ranks apart from the odd idiot that chooses to throw fireworks from the crowds, remembering that the celebrations are for the Lewes Bonfire Boyes/Belles not Joe Public, if they choose to come, they will be most welcome providing they learn a bit about it first and understand the reasons behind it all.

Lewes is probably the most tolerant town to live in, within the U.K. for lots of reasons, religion, arts and music to name a few. What is the definition of religion ? in my dictionary it says “system of belief in and worship of a supernatural power or god” notice it says “or god not a person” my religion is belief and worship of my drumming in a pipe band and my pc, they both have a supernatural power over me.

I believe in the Bible as a basic history book, No more No Less, Dont believe in God but believe that there was a guy called Jesus who tried to get society to get on with each other, as for my wife it is Teddy Bears, for my Daughter it is Meatloaf and her family, for my Son it is Stock car racing and heavy metal music, for others it might be walking the hills, their pets, reading or the local pub etc etc, none of which have ever caused wars and such like.

Religion is what you believe in and makes you happy and today, we in this country at least have the choice to believe in whatever we like, only because we disposed of the Pope of the 16th century and other such tyrants since and are still at it now. If it had been a protestant ordering the killings it would be a Vicar meeting his yearly firework display, it matters not what the religion, it was the act that prompted the celebrations. . . (Celebration of Freedom)

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”

One final thing, why do churches have a cross with a man nailed to it? surely it would be better to show him in happier times rather than dying on the cross and why is it, a catholic cannot become part of the monarchy ? just a thought!

In 1701 the act of settlement was passed by parliament that forbade any catholic subjects either direct or married to, Any rights to the sucession to the throne and still stands to this day. Chew on that boyes and belles and I rest my case.

By the way I was christened catholic, went to a catholic primary school, my wife is c.o.e. and we got married in a c.o.e. church, my deceased parents were c.o.e. my deceased grand parents were Irish Catholics, deceased aunties were catholic nuns, my wife’s side of the family are all c.o.e. truly a case of what you believe in!, The Lewes Bonfire Celebrations is all about freedom of speech, remembrance and No Popery.


Popery . . . The practice of absolute power under the religion of the old Roman Catholic Church, comprehending doctrines and practices, which included control of what creed you followed, your effects, finances, family, politics, law etc etc . Generally used in an opprobrious sense.



Am all in favour of festivals and events that bring people out from their homes to mix as a real community.

Have recently been party to the Hastings Jack In The Green Festival and Rochester’s Sweeps and Pre Christmas Dickensian Festivals, the spirit of the locals and the enjoyment of the faces of visitors were sights well worth seeing and not to be forgotten. These towns should be proud of their efforts.

Why is it that Lewes uses its Bonfire night to display such hatred of the Catholic faith and a Pope whose example for good and peace in the World is second to none? It reminds me so much of the venom exhibited by Northern Ireland protestants against Catholic children simply trying to get to school.

Lewes may be a fun place to be in on the 5th Nov. but if this is what it is encouraging its children to do, then I fear for the lives of those living in Lewes who have a right to pursue their own choice of worship via Catholicism.
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