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Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Poem Tom Wheeler SSJBS - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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A Poem By Tom Wheeler South Street Juvenile Bonfire Society SSJBS

We are a Society, though very small;
A Society who try to please one and all;
We have all good workers, and not one of them shirk;
And the Hospital reaps the reward of our work.

We have a Committee, second to none;
They all take an office, everyone;
And the girls work hard for the Society’s name,
They know they are helping the sick and the lame.

We are a Society who are building on hope,
And will not hurt people’s feelings by burning the Pope.
For it is an evening’s enjoyment for one and all;
And religion we leave out of it all.

We have done our best in the past, you know;
For it is our subscribers tell us so.
If you have not helped us in the past on The Night,
Please don’t forget our boxes – though small your mite.

Our torches burn fine, our fireworks bright;
We are all looking forward to a starlight night.
Our boxes, now empty, we hope to get full.
For we don’t want to find ourselves like John Bull.

We thank you all for what you have done,
And hope you will continue to help in time to come.
We know our subscribers will see us through;
For we boast a Society – Honest and True.

Now I have written these verses (so small),
May we ask our collector to call.
We pay our way as along we go,
And how the money is spent we’ll let you know.

Tom Wheeler : South Street Bonfire Society (SSJBS)

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