Bonfire Prayers

Remember, remember the Fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason

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Bonfire Anthem

Now is the time for marching Now let your hearts be gay Hark to

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The Lewes Bonfire - Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

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My take on the Brindisi (The Drinking Song) adapted for the Lewes Bonfire.


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Musical Intro . . .

Oh, Please – oh please drink from my clear joyfull pint glass,
so resplendent with all its magical beauty.
Oh, please – just drink to the spirit of pure bonfire,
which will enchant our fleeting moment.

Oh, please – just drink to the thrilling sweetness,
brought to us by our remembrance.
For always deep in my heart – I will irresistibly,
be pierced to the Brave Lewes Martyrs.

Oh, Please – that drink of a pint of Harveys,
shall always warm the kisses of my true love.
I shall divide my heart-with all my gaiety-
and my love among you all.

So that everything in our short life – is but a folly –
except for the grand ole lewes bonfire.
Let us be joyful, for love is – but – a
fleeting and a much short-lived joy.

A firework which blossoms and fades,
Whose beauty is soon lost forever.
Be joyful, from a caressing voice
will invite us warmly to the joy.

Ah! – be carefree-for the beer and song,
with laughter, will embellish the night.
Ah! – This new day thats abreaking, will find us still
in this happy paradise.

Ah! – But life, is only a pleasure
for those – who know how to love,
But – Speak not of love to no one, who knows not what it is,
But So as is my destiny – to always love the bonfire.

Ah! – Be carefree, for the beer and song,
With laughter, will embellish this bonfire night.
The new day, abreaking, will find us still –
Forever Remembering The Fallen.


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